Young at heart, old at home: Westpac aims for the flatters—UPDATED

We’ve had an oversupply of kids and animals in advertising this year. But, in the follow-up to the launch of Westpac and DDB’s Start Asking campaign, the oldies have taken centre stage in an entertaining fish out of water tale that aims to show the bank has ways of helping customers into their own house. 


Given the media attention the record Auckland house prices have been getting recently, there is obviously a limit to its powers in some markets (unless it’s actually giving hundreds of thousands of dollars away for free), but dramatising these rather tense flat dynamics illustrates its point well and, in keeping with its new catch-cry, aims to inspire questions—about money in general and, now, its products.  

Westpac promised to offer some answers to these questions, and it seems to have done a good job of it so far. In addition to the updated information on its Facebook app, it’s also started to produce a few YouTube clips featuring Westpac staff and is putting on managing your money seminars at different branches.  



UPDATE: Here’s the blurbage. 

Two weeks ago Westpac encouraged NZ to ‘Start Asking’ the big questions about money.  Hot on the heels of this, they’re now starting to help with some of the answers via some inhouse YouTube videos featuring staff responding. One of the most commonly asked questions through their Facebook App has actually been ‘what do I need for a house of my own?’ which plays into the next stage of the wider campaign.

There’s other “big questions” to be answered when you’re looking to buy a house like who drank Neville’s milk?  Whose washing is in the machine?  Why won’t anyone listen to me?  And if you’re asking questions like these then you should ask Westpac, cause they can help you avoid a lifetime flatting.

It’s a refreshing approach in a category that’s become homogenous.


First Aired: Sunday 11 November 2012

Agency – DDB Group New Zealand
Client – Westpac 


ECD: Andy Fackrell

Copywriter: Jay Hunt/ Pete Gosselin

Art Director: Jay Hunt/ Pete Gosselin

Agency Producer: Rosie Grayson

Executive TV Producer: Judy Thompson

Group Business Director: Zoe Alden

Account Director: Jenny Travers

Account Manager: Oliver Gould

Planner: Rupert Price


 Production Company: Prodigy

Director: Tim Bullock

Producer: Jack Sainte-Rose

Editor: Adam Willis

DOP: Garry Phillips

Sound: Jon Cooper

Post Production: Toybox

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