‘You awaken in a dark cave’: Old Spice’s Instagram adventure

Old Spice and Wieden + Kennedy have created a comic-styled story through Instagram where players get to choose their own alternate endings using the platform’s tagging function.

Much like R.L. Stine’s Goosebumps books which often let readers choose their own alternate endings or pathways, this game for Old Spice does the same.

The ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ game rips off 50s sci-fi comic books and takes the user through some humorous scenarios (which are actually different Instagram accounts) featuring robots, aliens, poisonous lemonade as well as a number of dead ends.

One of the best parts about the initiative are the hilarious captions, you can tell the agency must have had a lot of fun with this one. The ending even jokes about the agency’s low budget and how the ending would have been cooler had they been able to afford to keep paying the illustrator.

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