Get your weird on with waterproof phone apps

Transvestites singing in the rain? Full grown men playing with phones in paddling pools? Sony’s new waterproof phone Xperia Z1S has a set of quirky ads for apps that only work when the phone is submerged.

Created by American ad agency Wieden + Kennedy, and developers Motim and SoftFacade, odd music accompanies odd-looking people while they submerge their phones in various ways.

One app (Plantimal) lets a plant enthusiast grow a monster plant when water is ‘added’ to the phone, another app (Goldie) features a goldfish that swims around when the phone is underwater, and flops around dying when it’s not. In another, called photo lab, a lady is hanging out in an old-fashioned darkroom developing photos, and develops a picture on the phone while she’s at it. Sink Sunk lets a strange buff guy play games in a paddlling pool, and Rainy-oke lets a transvestite sing in the rain.

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