McDonald’s provides (un)empirical evidence of the superiority of butter chicken pies

For the relaunch of the McRib, Mcdonald’s went down a slightly crazy path by featuring a rib burger enthusiast dancing as a bucket of thick sauce was emptied out on his head. While the clip was unappetising at best and downright disturbing at worst, it was memorable and a definite improvement on the usual fast-food launch approach of showcasing carefully constructed burgers in the ideal light from the best possible angle.

McDonald’s clearly sees value in such quirkiness, because the brand has now followed on from the McRib launch with an equally outrageous (and messy) spot that features a human guinea pig comparing the newly launched butter chicken Georgie Pie to its pastry-free alternative.

The series of experiments depicted over five spots are overseen by the dubious statistician, who has already become a familiar face through his appearances in the Georgie Pie sponsorship clips that feature during screenings of 7 Days.

As is to be expected, each of the experiments shows that the pie is easier to consume than the curry when any extreme conditions are placed on the subject.  

In addition to butter chicken, the Georgie Pie range also includes steak and cheese, and plum and custard options (chicken and vegetable has been discontinued).  

The new campaign from McDonald’s is somewhat reminiscent of the extreme unboxing videos fronted by comedian Guy Williams for Spark’s launch of the Samsung Galaxy S5 last year. Fortunately for the actor involved in the new effort from McDonald’s, there was very little pain involved in the testing.      

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