The Year in Review: Lucinda Sherborne

In November, when Volkswagen and George Weston Foods departed DDB for Colenso BBDO, it seemed as though the Auckland-based agency was headed for a subdued Christmas party. But only a matter of weeks later, DDB managed to pull a pair of rabbits out of its hat by adding BMW and Speight’s to the ledger. These two wins capped off an award-filled year, which saw the agency’s planning director, Lucinda Sherborne, walk away with the Austrailia/New Zealand Planner of the Year Award at the Campaign Asia Agency of the Year Awards. And now it’s over to her for some insights on a year of contrasts for the agency.  

1) Favourite campaign that isn’t yours

Effies call for entries Lie Detector. It nailed the tension and I loved seeing the industry’s famous fibbers sweat it out. 

2) Favourite campaign that is yours

Paw Justice. The internet’s hardest workers – cats and dogs – going on strike against party drug testing on animals.

3) Least favourite campaign

Johnny Walker Keep Walking, whoops, I mean Monteith’s Keep Exploring. A shameless rip off and travesty.  

4) Your own biggest success

Not tripping in my heels when receiving Campaign Asia, Aus-NZ Planner of the Year award. In part, because I wasn’t there.

5) Most impressive performance

Antonio Navas in his Axis Share the Love piece for Colenso. I haven’t been so hot under the collar since his scintillating performance as Zorro. Rumoured to play Puss in Boots in the next Shrek.

6) Biggest move 

Justin Mowday for almost killing New Zealand’s favourite daughter, Lorde, at an Effies celebration lunch. In his inimitable way he encouraged a full restaurant of punters to spontaneously applaud the young thing, distracting her as a passing car clipped her in the thigh. That’s impact for you.

7) Best innovation

Textapark – I can even make it work sometimes. Sorry, I’m a simple girl. I just can’t go past stuff that helps stop my life being a shambles.

8) Best brands

Golden Dawn, Little & Friday, I Love Ugly and Moustache Milk & Cookie Bar. Little guys showing the big boys how it’s done.

9) Best stoush

Craft vs mainstream beers – trying to drink each other under the table. 

10) Heroes

BMW, Mini and Speight’s for being such incredibly astute marketers.

11) Villains

Brian Blessed. What gave him the right to talk to us that way?

12) Most memorable marketing moment

The bold, badass of a line for NZI, ‘Bad’s not going anywhere’. Love it. Brave, interesting and so true. Leaves other insurance companies for dead.

13) A few predictions for 2014

The inevitable revolt against the case study video.
Me getting to a meeting on time.

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