The Year in Review: Jenny Stiles

In a time when every media doomsday prophet is speculating on the eventual expiration of print, News Works has continued to push print-based titles and has retained its belief in traditional forms of media. And to applaud the efforts of writers, editors, publishers and designers for their contributions, News Works again organised the Canon Media Awards, New Zealand’s biggest journalism awards. But rather than simply focusing on the newspaper industry, News Works also used 2013 to commend the creativity of ad agencies via the News Works Agency League. Here’s what executive director Jenny Stiles thought of the year.  

1) Favourite campaign

Heart of the City: Love your City

2) Least favourite campaign

As a media owner, we love all advertising!

3) Your own biggest success

The Canon Media Awards – NZ’s biggest journalism awards in 2013. We really did the industry proud.

4) Most impressive performance

Team NZ – David and Goliath

5) Biggest move

NZ Magazines to Bauer

6) Best innovation

BNZ You Money

7) Best brands

NZ Herald for gutsy and well thought out editorial stand for Auckland on the mayoral issue.

8) Best stoush

News Works Agency League – there with all the blood and guts

9) Heroes 

Team NZ 

10) Villains

Political smear campaigns – does NZ really need to go there?

11) Most memorable marketing moment

Fonterra milk fiasco – way to undo years of brand building

12) A few predictions for 2014

The power of traditional media will be remembered in the face of increasing complexity and consumer fatigue.

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