The Year in Review: Andrew Holt

Since the ectoplasm of 2011’s ghost chips was starting to wear off, Clemenger BBDO decided to give Kiwis something equally memorable in 2013. The agency put three talented kids into a car, gave them an infectiously creative script and once again proved that serious issues don’t have to be presented in an overly didactic way. Here’s what managing director Andrew Holt thought of the year.    

1) Favourite campaign that isn’t yours

New World, ‘Little Shop’. It’s nice to know that as much as we have complicated the hell out of marketing, there’s still a role for the humble gift with purchase. Bring back the Smurfs next.

2) Favourite campaign that is yours

NZTA ‘Blazed’. Drugs, children and comedy…it takes bravery all round to believe that greatness lies this way. Well done to a very talented client and agency team.

3) Least favourite campaign

Kiwibank. Every revolution needs a leader?  Since we did we stop talking to our customers and start talking to ourselves.

4) Your own biggest success

Moving the agency to our new earthquake proof home at 1 Post Office Square

5) Most impressive performance

Man City beating Bayern Munich 3 -2 in the Champions League. As a long-suffering Citeh fan, that’s a sentence I never thought I’d write.

6) Biggest move

Wellington on the 21st July and again on 16th August.

7) Best innovation

Lowering the speed limit tolerance over the summer. Drive social folks!

8) Best brands

VB. Bring back the ABV, return to the classic packing, reinterpret the ‘hard earned thirst’ positioning and reverse a decade-long sales decline. A case study in keeping the strategy simple and the execution brilliant.

9) Best stoush

It’s the season of goodwill, so let’s go with the anti-stoush AXIS ‘Share the Love’ campaign. We’re a small industry and far stronger together.

10) Heroes

The Australian cricket team – for remembering what the Ashes are all abou:; pace with ball, patience with bat and comedy facial hair.

11) Villains

The English cricket team – for forgetting to remember the above.

12) Most memorable marketing moment 

Dumb Ways To Die. The all time most awarded campaign in Cannes history and proof positive that, as David Ogilvy said, if you’ve got nothing to say, sing it.

13) A few predictions for 2014

I’m with Sam Goldwyn on this and try to avoid making predications, especially about the future.

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