Year in Review: Andrew Holt, Clemenger BBDO

In keeping with an ongoing tradition, a few industry players gave us their take on the year for our annual opinion harvest. Here’s what Andrew Holt, managing director of Clemenger BBDO, thought about 2014. 

1. Favourite local campaign that isn’t yours.

NZBCF: ‘Breast Cream’.  

It’s great to see social marketing campaigns embracing ‘utility’ as a powerful communication device and this stood out for me – a fundraiser that helps beyond fundraising. Simple, relevant and, I hope, highly effective. 

2. Favourite campaign that is yours

NZTA: ‘Mistakes’

Made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up when I first read it and still does every time I see it. Deserves its success, as do the team at Clemenger BBDO and NZTA. 

3. Favourite international campaign 

John Lewis: ‘Monty The Penguin’. 

I love the fact ‘the Christmas ad’ in Britain has become an appointment-to-view-advertising event to rival the Superbowl. Food for thought in a country where the festive advertising spirit extends only as far as promoting late night opening at Super Liquor…

4. Least favourite campaign

Telecom Giganaire. Rich in potential, poor in reality. 

5. Your own biggest success

Being on stage at with the team at Cannes; a wonderful way to celebrate four wonderful years at Clemenger BBDO Wellington. 

6. Favourite magazine/website/TV show/radio show/podcast/news service/app/song/other. 


A beautiful response to the recent in-humanity in Sydney; very proud of my adoptive country for the way it’s conducted itself over the past few difficult days. 

7. Most ridiculous buzzword

WTF. As Malcolm Tucker would have said, just fucking say the fucking word or fuck the fuck off. 

8. Best innovation

Blokhedz. Last year I predicted the return of the Smurf’s, but as my 5 year old says… these guys are way awesomer.

9. Most over-hyped ‘innovation’

Native Advertising. Shouldn’t we just call it cheating?

10. Best brands

It’s a good year for the beer boys and girls I reckon, with TUI, Steinlager and Boundary Road all doing great work.

11. Best stoush

Mumbrella vs. Scam. Great to see some journalism, not just press releases, in the trades. 

12. Heroes  

The Australian cricket captain Michael Clarke. For finding the right words when there aren’t any. 

13. Villains

The Champions League draw gods. Man City vs. Barcelona in the knock out stage – again.

14. Most memorable marketing moment

Spark re-brand. Textbook stuff, hats off to all concerned.

15. Predictions for 2015

Buy shares in Hawaiian Tropic Bronzing Oil. After 6 wonderful years across 2 great agencies in this beautiful little country, I’m off to Sydney. Keep the faith advertising friends and come and say g’day.

  • According to Font’s recent survey, 43 percent of marketing professionals in New Zealand are looking to change jobs next year and 65 percent will be re-evaluating career plans over the Christmas period. So check out some of the roles Font has on offer here and have a gander at the infographic based on the survey results here. ​

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