The Year in Review: Ben Goodale

This year, the Clemenger Group made a significant addition to its offering by fusing .99 and direct/CRM/1-to-1 agency justONE. And with Ben Goodale taking the reins as managing director of a team of over 100 people, the move seems to have worked well thus far. In addition to shrinking New World’s merchandise and putting smiles on Kiwi faces everywhere, the collaboration also led the field in terms of nominations at the NZDM Awards. It thus comes as no surprise that Goodale was optimistic when it came to sharing his thoughts on a year fraught with change. 

1) Favourite campaign that isn’t yours

I’ve enjoyed Colenso’s DB Export ‘Fire at the old well’ ads which came in late in 2013. Nice Lassie-esque ads, good irony, and harking to what makes blokes love beer and why blokes need to have their beer time. Happy face. 

2) Favourite campaign that is yours

Quite a lot to choose from across .99 and justONE, but really there can be only one choice and that is Little Shop for New World. It has simply been a sensation, and the pickup in social media surpassed any level of expectation we had, with over 3000 listings on Trademe for people wanting to trade the mini collectibles. The fact the agency created and shot the ad all in house, developed all the look and feel, and worked on the go-to market strategy so closely with the team at New World, all adds up to something we are really proud of. If it doesn’t rock at the awards this coming year, I’ll be staggered.

3) Least favourite campaign

Normally I would say ‘The Colemans’ (I have in the past) – but they have been given a blessed burial. Off the top of my head I can’t think of what has really bugged me this year. 

4) Your own biggest success

justONE winning Agency of the Year and RSVP Grand Prix at the NZ DM Awards in the space of a couple of weeks was pretty satisfying, cementing justONE’s credibility as best 1-1 agency in NZ.  Especially as we were in the process of planning the next step in terms of the partnership with .99.

5) Most impressive performance

Our teams at .99 and justONE on coping brilliantly with huge change in 2013 and delivering great ongoing results for our clients.  It could have been a big distraction, but people have got on with it.  

6) Biggest move

Bringing together justONE and .99; and a few months on it’s great to be able to say that the ‘coming together’ has been a big success. We’ve got the two agencies sitting side by side, co-operating but being themselves, and a really nice positive vibe around the place. There are some really great benefits of the synergy of the two companies, and our clients are really appreciating the cross-pollination of ideas and in some cases the simplification of how we can look after so many specialised needs in one place.  

7) Best innovation

I don’t know whether you count PS4 as an innovation, but if the wait to get a console before Christmas was anything to go by, it’s a massive hit and driving stronger interest than Xbox. Mine arrived December 20th but it is still in the box as I didn’t have time to break it in before going overseas for the holidays.


8) Best brands

The relaunch of the Warehouse Stationery brand has been a big hit with customers. The fresh new look developed by .99, and taken through store, staff apparel, TV and other communications layers, has really given the brand a boost and contributed to increased sales. It was a big deal for Warehouse Stationery, so we’re really stoked how it has delivered for them.

9) Best stoush

The Labour leadership battle? Maybe not.

10) Heroes

Got to hand it to Tim and the guys at Coliseum for their audacious snatching of the Premier League rights from Sky. In an environment where we are going to see a clash between the best content and the best way of delivering the content, it’s provided a great reminder that the power to deliver content is increasingly a global rather than local play, except for great local content.  How we all view this stuff over the coming years will be about who makes it easy, convenient and high quality (although the last is up for debate given Gen X’s happiness to watch content on portable devices). Interesting times.

11) Villains

I’m getting pretty bored of Kim Dotcom.  He was fun for a bit, but the political party bit is pushing it. In a society the size of NZ, he has probably cultivated too much attention and potential popular influence. 

12) Most memorable marketing moment 

Devo at the Axis awards reminding the kids that this is the best job in the world.

13) A few predictions for 2014

Social media strategies are going to evolve as the category further fragments especially for youth – we’re already seeing Facebook abandoned by teenagers who are flying to Snapchat and Instagram… and the next thing.  

A general election. Going to be a tough year of politics and politicking. May lead to a degree of hesitancy from consumers until we know where we are.  

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