Could you handle the #WorldsToughestJob?

Would you take a job that asked you to work 135 hours or more a week, have degrees in medicine, finance and the culinary arts while not receiving any holidays whatsoever? That’s what one interviewer asked for recently. Watch the video below.

The piece above was made by Mullen, Boston for American Greetings as a clever reminder that Mother’s Day is coming up and you should probably buy her one of their cards to say thank you for how amazing she is. Watching it again you see that the “Director of Operations” and the “Associate” roles translate very nicely into the roles that Mothers and their children play respectively in their relationships. 

This is not the first time that a campaign has been centered around a deceptive series of job interviews however. Who could forget Heineken’s ‘The Candidate’ which took away a record total of 17 Cannes Lions in 2013? 

P&G are also definitely worth a mention here too with their previous efforts in thanking mothers everywhere. Below is the “Thank You Mom” spot made for around the 2012 Olympics as well as the “You’re Doing Ok, Mom!” ad for Johnson’s Baby.

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