Wine Vault and Giapo freeze assets

Two disparate markets will be temporarily combined from next week, with Gianpaolo Grazioli of Giapo and Jayson Bryant of The Wine Vault promising to bring Aucklanders a range of new frozen taste sensations by using some of New Zealand’s best sauvignon blancs in a series of sorbets.

Jayson Bryant, who has successfully harnessed social media and has a weekly wine show on WineVaultTV, and Gianpaolo Grazioli, another early social media adopter, decided to combine their knowledge of wine and gelato to produce a summer range of wine sorbet, with wines from Fiasco, Wild Rock, Lonestone, Durvillia, The Darling, Invivo, The Crossings, St. Clair, Torea and Cape Campbell set to feature in the series.

All the wines are selected by Bryant and each sorbet produced will be voted on by customers with comments recorded on which one they liked the most. Bryant and Grazioli will produce a weekly tasting show to discuss the wine sorbet of the week and the tasting shows will be broadcast on WineVaultTV and Giapo TV.

At the end of the Wine Sorbet series Giapo and The Wine Vault will host a Wine Sorbet Day where they will showcase all the sorbets created during the season.

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