‘Wild boar bacon and pineapple lump’: Kiwis suggest new flavours for Whittaker’s

Whittaker’s has done it again, releasing a new limited edition flavour-fusion with Tip Top’s Jelly Tip, but perhaps New Zealanders are feeling a bit exhausted by its attempts at innovation, as many have flocked to Twitter to suggest some of their own ideas for a new kind of chocolate, somehow we don’t think Whittaker’s will be so keen.

The new chocolate was released today after Whittaker’s posted a few hints to its social media pages over the past month. This comes shortly after the brand released its artisan range with promotional aid from Nigella Lawson.

But today, Kiwis had their own ideas, sharing their suggestions over Twitter with the hashtag #Whittakersnewflavours.

How do our dear readers like the sound of: “Sweet Thai chilli sauce on cheese sizzlers”, “Fluoride”, “Mouldy state houses” or “Mountain oysters”?

Here are some others:

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