Why did the dextrous native birds paint the road? To get TVC of the week, of course

Youtube Video

Who’s it for: Genesis Energy

Why we like it: DraftFCB keep it old school and bravely employ the services of real, surprisingly practical, pukekos for their new TVC, instead of copping out, getting some method actor to put on a pukeko suit and head down to the blue screen. And the behind the scenes clip offers a glimpse into the heady world of animal training.  Maybe the talented pukekos can be put to work to fix the national grid.

Youtube Video

And this ad is basically the opposite of the one above. Is it in the so bad it’s good category, or the so bad it’s bad category? Just 21 words sung horribly, one very creepy scarecrow and 1980s-esque graphics. It’s the perfect advertising storm.

And the Taste of Yellow Chocolate TVC is pretty good too (you can even judge his creative process).

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