When ‘Mr Sun’ isn’t fun

Mollie’s Fund, an organisation providing awareness for melanoma has launched a sobering ad, urging parents to put sunscreen on their kids.

In the ad a young cancer patient lies in bed before time starts moving backwards and we see the warning signs leading up to her diagnosis, and how she navigates the first stages of her illness.

It ends with her as a little girl at the beach, lying in the sun without sunscreen and singing the nursery rhyme ‘Mr Sun’, which sounds foreboding instead of sweet. 

The ad is an important reminder of how vital it is for parents to put sunscreen on their children. According to Mollies Fund, five sunburns can increase childrens’ risk of melanoma by 80 percent.

Mollie’s Fund isn’t afraid to shock to get its point across, which it also did with a graphic print campaign of moles represented as monsters burrowed beneath the skin. 

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