Westpac’s talkin’ bout your generations

Ahhh, babies. So cute, so cuddly, so much potential, yet so financially illiterate. To help remedy that—but mainly to celebrate 150 years in New Zealand—Westpac, with the help of .99 and Robber’s Dog, has launched a new campaign called Gen W that’s offering 150 small Kiwi humans ongoing financial support and advice until they turn 18.

Of course, all the banks are keen to get customers to sign up when they’re young because once they’re there, not that many can be bothered with the hassle of switching. But this campaign takes that philosophy to the next level, not in a creepy, unfeeling, ‘we’ll stop at nothing to get into your children’s brains’ kind of way, but by focusing on something that existing and potential customers are madly in love with and will do almost anything to help (ie the fruit of their loins).

By doing this, it’s also focusing on ‘The Future’, or, more specifically, the next 150 years. It’s a well-trodden path in financial advertising, as seen currently in Droga5’s moderately controversial Creating Futures campaign for ASB. But the Gen W initiative, which mixes a marketing goal with a kind gesture, is aiming to create futures that are slightly more personal and relevant.

“We are really hoping this will help 150 New Zealanders born this year achieve their future dreams,” says Westpac’s new general manager of marketing and customer experience, Martine Jager. “By adding an incentive for them to keep the money there until they turn 18 this dream may well centre on tertiary education opportunities.”

Youtube Video The TVC, which launched last night and probably made mothers everywhere go ‘doooohhh, look at zose cuuute wittle bayyybies’, was directed by Gaysorn Thavat for Robber’s Dog, and it features a series of Kiwi young’uns looking into their own futures and dreaming of where they want to be when they grow up (not surprisingly, they’re all successful, and the bank didn’t go down this path).

Registrations for the prize and ongoing activity will be available at facebook.com/genw.


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