WestJet reaches 16,000 mini miracles

Canada’s WestJet airline has released a video asking people to conduct “mini-miracles” in the spirit of Christmas giving.

StopPress has reported on brands tapping into this spirit previously such as the Warehouse’s recent promotion asking shoppers if they were a “Christmas goodie”.

A mini miracle, as explained by the jolly fat man himself (clothed in a non traditional but slimming dark blue), is “a simple act of kindness that evokes a positive response from someone by shovelling their sidewalk, helping with their groceries or buying them a big screen TV”.

Participants are asked to share their good deed on social media using the hashtag #westjetchristmas.

The company was gunning to complete 12,000 mini miracles within 24 hours on December the 9th but as we go to press (still December 9 in the respective Canadian timezones), the company’s counter sits at over 16,000 mini miracles.

The airline is no stranger to invoking the spirit of giving in their Christmas promotions as readers may remember their extremely popular Christmas miracle “real time giving” from 2013 when the airline purchased gifts in line with passengers’ wishes as expressed to Santa Claus.

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