YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Ted look back at 2015

It’s no secret that 2015 has been punctuated by some horrific moments, with the Nepal Earthquake, the Paris attacks, the refugee crisis and the Charleston Shooting standing out as some of the more harrowing examples. But interspersed alongside these events, there were also many positive moments that saw people celebrate and express their creativity online. 

In the age of sharing, the annual review videos from YouTube, Facebook and Twitter provide a series of snapshots of the various topics that got people talking over the last year.

Of all three, the most positive video came from YouTube, which focused on entertainment and starred a collection of its content creators acting out the key trends that emerged over the last year. It’s another explosion of colour that highlights the dance moves, songs and moments that typified the year on the video platform.               

Given that Facebook recently announced partnership with Fairfax Media, it seems fitting that it’s review video focused on the major news event of the year, providing a spine-tingling look back at the moments that evoked the most emotion from the over 1.5 billion on the social media site. 

Here are the top ten topics discussed on Facebook over the last year:

1. US Presidential Election
2. November 13 Attacks in Paris
3. Syrian Civil War and Refugee Crisis
4. Nepal Earthquakes
5. Greek Debt Crisis
6. Marriage Equality
7. Fight Against ISIS
8. Charlie Hebdo Attack
9. Baltimore Protests
10. Charleston Shooting and Flag Debate  

Twitter similarly took the news angle and also provided a rundown of the major events that got its users standing on their social media soapboxes.

While not a social media network, the review offered by Ted also provides an interesting look at the ways in which smart people were looking for or found ways of solving some of the biggest problems that world. 


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