Wellington and the tapestry of life

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Why we like it: As Mother always said, put some animated needlework in your ads (or your songs) and you’re bound to win the TVC of the week prize on StopPress. And the artisanship on display in this quirky, handmade and awfully time-consuming little number that was built by the talented team at Yukfoo, takes a similar approach to this ad for the New Zealand book council and is the perfect representation of the creativity spewing forth from the capital is a definite winner.

Who it’s for: Positively Wellington Tourism (by Clemenger BBDO), as part of a new $2 million campaign that aims to showcase Wellington and its surrounding regions and increase tourism, primarily from Australia, by a very specific seven percent. Read all about it here. Be aware though, the deal featured in the ad is for the opening week of the campaign and valid only until Saturday 27 March (but there will be different tactical offers featured in the next four months).

Youtube Video

And, sticking with the animation theme, DDB make fun of the poor old black jellybean for the new Pascall’s Party Pack ad.

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