Waste not, want not: Contagion fires up Kiwicare’s Weed Weapon

There’s a lot of talk about ad agencies creating new, useful products, rather than just creating ads. And Contagion has tried to add a bit of novelty value to the weed spraying market—and a bit of fun to a mundane weekend chore—by creating a very literal version of a spray gun for Kiwicare’s Weed Weapon.

http://vimeo.com/50661085Kiwicare chief executive Matthew O’Brien says the insight behind the new campaign is that guys don’t want to spray weeds, they want to waste them.

“And the truth that inspired everything from the gun bottle they designed, to the name ‘Weed Weapon’ and, of course, the advertising. Contagion quite rightly pointed out that all products in this category currently look the same on shelf and no one knows what to choose.”

Deputy creative director Verity Dookia says it’s not often you get the opportunity to help launch a product from its very beginning. And this was made possible by working very closely, collaboratively and openly with O’Brien and his team.

“Given that this is their first brand campaign, it’s a great sign of things to come.”

The TVC, which plays on the classic Dirty Harry line, features some gratuitous explosions and was made by Curious, is one of the first ads on the CV of Outrageous Fortune star Tammy Davis, adding to his work on the recent Rexona viral


Creative Director: Bridget Taylor

Creative Team: Verity Dookia & Dan Walton

Designer: Phila Lagaluga

Bottle design: 4ormfunction

Client Partner: Emma Woods

Agency Producer: Jodie Hari

Film Company: Curious

Director: Tammy Davis

Producer: Dan Higgins

Executive Producer: Matt Noonan

Sound: The Coopers of Franklin Road 

Post: Toybox

CEO: Matthew O’Brien

Marketing Manager: Fiona Platt

Assistant Brand Manager: Michelle Malone

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