Visique and Republik make a spectacle of themselves with animalistic left-of-centre campaign

POS material for the new campaign

There’s a long history of using animals in advertising, from Saatchi & Saatchi’s geese, to Telecom’s meerkats to Toyota’s Bugger to Cravendale’s Cats with Thumbs and thousands of others inbetween. And Visique and Republik are tapping into that rich vein—and aiming to inject some light-hearted relief into the somewhat clinical New Zealand optometry sector—by launching a new advertising campaign using bespectacled animals to encourage people to look after their eyes. 

The 100 percent Kiwi-owned and operated business kicked off in 2000, and there are now 68 locations nationwide which are owned and operated by independent qualified optometrists. Its ‘See the Difference’ campaign launches on TV on May 10 using a range of beasts, including a rabbit, a native gecko and a sheep, and it will also run across online, radio and print nationwide.

“We’re all geared up to make a bit of noise in the market and grab people’s attention with something that’s a little left of centre, yet still very much communicates the importance of looking after your eyes,” says Visique’s general manager Pete Campbell.

“Republik have a great understanding of the market and the New Zealand optometry industry which is essentially why we are working with them,” says Campbell. “From the get go, they have been able to connect with the brand and use their insights to deliver impressive experiences that our consumers are looking for. We believe New Zealanders will respond positively to our new brand direction, which is so unique to the sector. If we can educate more people about the importance of getting their eyes checked, at least every two years, then our campaign is doing its job.”

Republik director Craig Abbott says the campaign brings a level of light-heartedness and memorability to a crowded category where it’s difficult for people to distinguish between various operators.

“Our new brand direction delivers serious messages in a friendly way, making it easy for everyone to understand. Like using a sheep to deliver the message about Visique being 100 percent Kiwi owned and operated, or a gecko to talk about the latest technology in lenses, this brand platform gives us a range of key messages that naturally fit, not only with Visique’s proposition, but with the unique traits of each animal.”

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