Ads of the Week: 28 November

Who’s it for: New Zealand Police by Ogilvy & Mather

Why we like it: The New Zealand Police are calling the video it’s “most entertaining recruitment video” and we agree. The fast-paced clip puts viewers in the action with a few laughs along with way. Stitched into all the fun, you also find information about what it takes to join the police force and be able to handle all the different situations police find themselves, like going up against hand-bag stealing dogs and working with youth.

Who’s it for: Fonterra by Colenso BBDO

Why we like it: The state of New Zealand’s waterways has long been a debated issue and this year it became a widely talked about topic during the election. Now, Fonterra is opening up its gates to the public so they can see for themselves the initiatives in place to improve the situation. To promote the open gate day on 10 December, Fonterra farmers share a taste of what there is to see by appearing on camera to talk about their planting, fencing, nitrogen management and innovation investment.

Who’s it for: Greenpeace

Why we like it: Nothing like the image of Coke bottles hanging on a Christmas tree to get you thinking about plastic waste. Greenpeace’s spoof of a Coca-Cola Christmas campaign stands out among other festive ads for its message about how plastic chocking oceans where a positive message about having a Merry Christmas would typically sit. However, some StopPress readers are unconvinced, saying it “lacks real power” to get people to reappraise their plastic use.

Who’s it for: Regal Salmon by Republik

Why we like it: Local mascots Stickman and Dave the Goose have now been joined by Reg – a talking seal. Promoted as chef Al Brown’s best friend, Reg knows his salmon and appears to be able to talk anyone’s ear off about it. However, he does make a good point that his eating of salmon for breakfast, lunch and dinner does make him a bit of an expert. Reg’s inclusion in the campaign injects a point of difference into it and we hope to see more of him in the future.

Who’s it for: Flick Electric 

Why we like it: Flick Electric is on a mission to raise awareness of New Zealand’s energy poverty and donate energy-efficient bulbs to those who need them. The reality of people going without power and heating to put food on the table is a serious one but ‘How to Jordan Watson’s (‘How to Dad’) tone injects some entertainment while encouraging viewers to “be a good bugger” and share the video.

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