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yellow logoWe knew it was bound to happen, live tweets are now being seen on digital billboards. The first in NZ come from the Yellow Chocolate campaign. They feature the face and tweets of Josh Winger whose mission is to make a chocolate bar that tastes like the colour yellow, using only Yellow products and services.

The billboards are the first of their kind in NZ to combine online social media with an integrated advertising campaign, and incorporate technology traditionally used to update sports scoreboards and digital road signs.

Twitter BillboardYellow’s campaign has received considerable online support, with 500+ Twitter followers and more than 12,700 Facebook fans. To take the tweets to the street for all to view will no doubt raise brand awareness.

Drive by billboards on Auckland’s Queen Street (opposite Imax), at the corner of Onslow Road and Sandringham Road in Kingsland and on Wellington’s Waterloo Quay to see what Josh is up to. He may be visiting a chocolate factory or getting his new shop painted or driving around (“traffic sucks” – he won’t be tweeting in the car from Nov 1 though, will he?) You can also follow Josh online at www.yellowchocolate.co.nz

Yellow’s campaign was created by Colenso, Aim Proximity and Starcom and the APN Outdoor billboards feature Signopsys digital message boards.

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