TVNZ Ondemand app spotted in the wild

TVNZ’s frustrated tech savvy fans of its shows for many years by not providing an iOS version of Ondemand, but the wait is almost over with the launch of the app slated for later this month. 

This reporter got to play with the app last night, which was showcased as a part of what’s capable on Telecom’s new 4G network, currently being trialled in Auckland and Wellington.

The app is relatively simple, featuring an image-centric catalogue with filtering by show name, genre, and time. 

Video playback over Telecom’s 4G network (which is capable of reaching 100 Mbps downlink) is impressive, but I wasn’t shown how the service fares on a standard 3G or broadband connection.

The app has several advertising locations, including pre-roll, banner spots, and a billboard position next to the Ondemand logo.

ANZ appears to be the first to advertise on the app, the bank has several banners across the catalogue, as well as pre-roll advertisements on the videos themselves.

There’s no hard date for the app’s launch, but a TVNZ representative at the event says the development for it is done and dusted, and the company is waiting for it to be reviewed by Apple. The app review process can take anywhere between a few days and several weeks, with one site estimating a six day average.

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