Samsung and Colenso draw on experience for country’s first live cartoon

Samsung has been one of the big movers in the mobile space in recent years, and, with a series of quality ads based around its ‘Next Big Thing‘ tagline, has had plenty of success from taking the fight directly to Apple. While the late Steve Jobs rejected the idea of a stylus, Samsung has fully embraced the idea for its Note series and, to demonstrate the kind of artistic trickery the newest model is capable of, Colenso BBDO and Samsung collaborated with the New Zealand Herald’s legendary
satirical cartoonist (and one of the oldest fathers in the world), Peter Bromhead, in an effort to go beyond the banner and become part of the content.

Every day alongside a
top online news story, Bromhead drew the cartoon live on a Note II in front of
readers on nzherald.co.nz, making the campaign New Zealand’s first live
satirical cartoon. 

“We loved the
idea of using the Note II for what it’s good at: creating stuff at pace,” says Dan Wright, Colenso BBDO’s digital creative director. “So it
made total sense to hand it over to one of New Zealand’s sharpest wits. Peter
put the Note II and about 30 New Zealand Herald stories through the wringer and came
out loving it, so that’s fantastic.”

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