TVNZ Marketing Hall of Fame: Prof. Rod Brodie

Take a glance at the CV of Rod Brodie and you’re left in no doubt that he is an outstanding individual who has achieved a remarkable amount.

Brodie gained a PhD in marketing in 1982, when marketing was little understood in New Zealand, and went on to gain academic appointments at Canterbury, Lincoln and Purdue Universities. He then became professor of marketing at the University of Auckland in 1988 and has been head of department for 17 years. 

He has contributed over 80 articles for refereed journals and nine book chapters, all of which have helped to add significantly to the worldwide body of knowledge in the areas of branding, relationship marketing and service management.

He has supervised 40 PhD and Masters theses, won numerous distinctions and awards, including best paper at Thought Leaders Conference at Birmingham University in 2007, and been offered numerous high level appointments and invitations, including to the senior advisory board of the European Journal of Marketing in 2008. 

Brodie has motivated others, both academics and students, to excel; fostered strong links between the University and the business community through his involvement in the market research profession and in high level committees; and helped raise the profile and reputation of marketing in the legal world by acting as an expert witness in more than 50 legal cases. 

In keeping with those who have earned this accolade before him, he continuously seeks to raise standards and lift professionalism within marketing—both here and around the world. And he is also extremely modest about all of his amazing achievements.

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