TVCs of the Week: 28 October

Who’s it for: Stihl by DDB and Goodoil 

Why we like it: By the end of winter, the average Kiwi garden resembles a vast overgrown landscape begging to be conquered. So, as the weather started warming up, Stihl launched a campaign that posits the homeowner as emperor and the garden as a territory to be claimed. And rather than undertaking this task with a gladius, the gardener in question is armed with Stihl’s range of power tools.           

Who’s it for: Spark  

Why we like it: Generally, when a campaign features a sports star it usually involves little more than a sweaty person solemnly staring into a camera and drawing a clichéd parallel between life and being on the court or pitch. However, in its new campaign called the Boroughs, Spark has veered sharply away from the cliché realm to produce an initiative that’s not only catching consumer attention but also aims to uplift communities around Auckland.   

Who’s it for: Air New Zealand by True and Curious

Why we like it: Air New Zealand takes audiences into the heart of Middle-Earth with yet another safety video. And while it might not be a novel idea any longer, points must be given for the degree of difficulty associated in again creating a viral video from content that is already so familiar to audiences. 

Who’s it for: Meadow Fresh by Shine and Exposure Films 

Why we like it: Meadow Fresh puts its milk in the hands of Kiwis across cultures, ages and body shapes, illustrating what an integral role a splash of dairy goodness continues to play in our lives.        

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