TVCs of the Week: 28 May

Who's it for: Samsung by Barnes, Catmur & Friends and Curious 

Why we like it: This online-only video is quintessential Taika Waititi, so it's very Kiwi, very funny and very ridiculous. Credit to Samsung for allowing him to do what he does best and for erring on the side of entertainment to show the product features. 

Who's it for: Kingdom of Tonga by bcg2 and Play Studios.  

Why we like it: In comparison to other Pacific nations, Tonga hasn't really promoted itself as a tourist destination over the years, but it's now trying to move up the pecking order and to do that it's​ taken a classic destination marketing approach, with a collection of pretty vistas, friendly locals and smiling tourists. It's not revolutionary, but it does its job and, as the snow falls around the country, it makes us want to go. 

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