TVCs of the week: 23 June

Who’s it for: The Co-operative Bank by Y&R

Why we like it: First of all, we like how the gawky, awkward protagonist has made the unusual decision to take on a huge saltwater crocodile as a pet. Secondly, we like the ad’s admission that banks are designed for one thing “making profit from you”. And finally, the rather convincing animated crocodile which we think is pretty well done, and who couldn’t love a crocodile named Brian?

Who’s it for: Air New Zealand by Diaries Downunder

Why we like it: Winter isn’t usually received with sounds of cheer and open arms, but it is for some, which is nicely highlighted in Air New Zealand’s new TVC. But what strikes us most is the slick soundtrack and stunning timelapse shots of the change in seasons, for which Diaries Downunder says more than 5000 raw single frames were shot. Two fixed Canon 6Ds ran for three months taking 14 images per day with a total of seven separate shoots all together to make the minute-long clip. Pretty impressive!

Who’s it for: Farmstrong by Bcg2

Why we like it: Through this TVC, new organisation Farmstrong has addressed an often overlooked area, farmers’ well being. After reports of an increased suicide rate among farmers in the second half of last year, it seems an important time as ever to look after our gumboot-wearing, flannel-donning citizens and raise awareness. And while they are proud folk, this TVC addresses the issue in a subtle and hopefully relatable way to farmers.

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