Media Munchies: Tim Wilson

Author, Seven Sharp reporter and dashing raconteur Tim Wilson discusses his fondness for Kanye West backing tracks, his addiction to Twitter and his wife-based media. 

What media do you wake up to?

Mike Hosking, ZB; Twitter and Facebook.

What TV shows are you watching at the moment? And how are you watching them?

Seven Sharp, TV One’s Breakfast, One News, Last Week Tonight, and The Late Show With Jimmy Fallon. A mix of telly, device and desktop.  

What music are you listening to at the moment? And how are you listening to it? 

Chillax to Bach, weep to Shostakovich, and scheme/dream to Dvorak. Thanks iTunes. Searching for ever-elusive credibility, I sometimes select backing tracks from Kanye West’s Yeezus to animate Seven Sharp pieces. It kills.   

Do you use social media? Is it a blessing or a curse? 

Twitter, Instagram, Facie… blah blah blah. I’m kind of an annotator on Facebook, rather than contributor. Instagram is for constrained fun. I used to really, really love Twitter; I also used to love smoking. You see my point …

What’s your favourite website?


What are you reading at the moment? And how are you reading it?

The U.S. Army/Marine Corps Counterinsurgency Field Manual, by various authors. It’s for my next novel, The Straight Banana, but it also offers some help with understanding television critics in print. For stimulation, The Paradoxes of Catholicism by Robert Hugh Benson. In relaxation or book research, I do pages, which can be inscribed. But via my device: The Gospel According to St Mark, Genesis. 

What’s your favourite magazine?

First Things, The New Yorker, N+1, which I get through Twitter. New Idea, at the moment.

What’s your favourite app?

#iHeartradio #ZB. 

What’s your favourite radio station and/or podcast?  

Guess and win … a set of steak knives.

What’s your guilty media pleasure?

In media, all pleasure is tinged with guilt. 

What media do you go to sleep with? 

My wife.

  • This story originally appeared in the March/April edition of NZ Marketing. 

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