TVCs of the Week: 19 March


Who’s it for: Coca Cola by Hugh Mitton via Mofilm

Why we like it: Given it was a Valentine’s Day stunt, we’re a bit late on the uptake on this one and while some might see it as creating more rubbish in windy Wellington (some councils have banned helium balloons to protect wildlife and some scientists are calling for a ban to protect the scarce resource), nothing says romance like a free can of fizz falling from the sky. Shot by Hugh Mitton, who won a comp for a Coca-Cola ad he made a few years back, and screened in the US.  


Who’s it for: TAB Sport by Sugar & Partners and Red Yeti

Why we like it: It’s almost exactly like American Beauty, only it’s a fat, male gambler instead of Mena Suvari. 


Who’s it for: BNZ by Colenso BBDO and Assembly

Why we like it: YouMoney is a pretty impressive product and it seems to have been received pretty well by the punters. So it makes sense to keep it simple and use the product to do the story telling. 

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