TVCs of the Week: 19 August

Who’s it for: New World by Colenso BBDO and Assembly

Why we like it: Harnessing old Papua New Guinean head-shrinking technology, Little Shop’s Shrinkinator shows how the various tiny goods the nation will undoubtedly go mad for became small. Word is Nick Garrett got too close to the machine and has become even smaller. 

Who’s it for: MasterCard by McCann Sydney and Robber’s Dog

Why we like it: Love him or hate him, MasterCard’s over-zealous space invader Tim certainly catches peoples’ attention and, as a result, he has become an enduring advertising character. And the violation continues in this spot for its mystery trip promotion. 

Who’s it for: Air New Zealand by Host Sydney and Diaries Downunder

Why we like it: ‘The Meanwhile in …’ campaign is a nice online content idea to lure Aussies across to Kiwi slopes, and its latest effort combines skiing with rugby to tie-in with the start of the All Blacks/Wallabies battle over the weekend. 

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