TVCs of the Week: 17 September

Who’s it for: NZTA by Clemenger BBDO and Taika Waititi

Why we like it: It’s not just us who likes it, everyone seems to, with the ad already featuring on a number of blogs like Copyranter and Adfreak and getting spread liberally via social media. And rightly so. Amazing performances (one of the boys, Julian Dennison, also put in a great performance in Mark & Louis’ Shopping), a great script, plenty of charm and humour being used effectively to disarm the weed-loving target audience and show them their behaviour is irresponsible.    

Who’s it for: New World by .99

Why we like it: New World’s tiny groceries seem to be going off at the moment. There’s even a page dedicated to trading them. And this stop motion effort from .99 plays up their cuteness. 

Who’s it for: NZ Army by Saatchi & Saatchi and Assembly

Why we like it: The ‘it’s a calling, not a job’ angle is pretty common in military recruitment campaigns, but this one shows the variety of the job well through some more visual goodness from Assembly.  

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