NZ’s Got Talent ratings take a hit

The season debut of New Zealand’s Got Talent got a less rapturous audience reception, with the 90 minute episode getting an average audience of 611,100 for those aged five plus watching live and played back on the same day, although consolidated Nielsen data wasn’t yet available.

Last season the show’s average audience across 13 episodes on TV One and its plus one channel for those aged five plus was 895,000, including consolidated data across live and seven-day playback, Nielsen says.

It was the most watched show of 2012 and the biggest show of the past ten years. The final episode of last season attracted 939,000 viewers excluding time-shifted viewing, while the first episode last year got more than a million.

TVNZ head of television Jeff Latch said the broadcaster was pleased with the performance of this year’s debut episode, adding it was the most popular show in its time slot.

“We were particularly thrilled with the combined performance of TV One and TV2 on the night. This year we have chosen to play bigger movie titles on TV2 than last year, with the aim of consolidating the combined channel audience.”

Nielsen stats show the Sunday show had an average rating point of 14.3 percent for the five plus audience, while on TV2 The Smurfs had 9.2. This was for the 7.30pm to 8.59pm time band excluding the plus one channel, bearing in mind the shows had different start and end times. New Zealand’s Got Talent had a third of the audience share, TVNZ says.

Latch says TVNZ has high expectations for the second series and expects audiences to build as it continues.

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