TVCs of the Week: 16 July

Who’s it for: Telecom by Saatchi & Saatchi and GoodOil

Why we like it: This TVC manages to be both action packed and yet has little-to-no action at all. Also, bullet-time effects are just fun.

Who’s it for: The Warehouse by DDB New Zealand and Flying Fish

Why we like it: Everyone’s wanted to be a toy tester at one point in there life, some of us still hold ambitions to do so. The Warehouse is giving four lucky kids the chance to live the dreams of many, what’s not to like about that? Also, according to one persistent StopPress commenter, the Indian kid’s performance was very good. Now please stop leaving that same comment.

Who’s it for: Delmaine by &some and OnDigital

Why we like it: It’s not easy being this eager to boast about your products, but Delmaine does it well with its overly-enthusiastic new mascot.

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