TVCs of the week: 15 April

Who’s it for: Pak ‘n Save by FCB 

Why we like it: Stick Man is at it again, and this time he’s multi-tasking by drawing attention to Pak ‘n Save’s Easter merchandise while also providing advice on how to go about collecting eggs. And given that this spot includes the line “No point in crying over spilt rabbits,” Stick Man has almost certainly won a few friends in the Hell’s Pizza circles

Who’s it for: Jetstar by Barnes, Catmur and Friends and Ikon 

Why we like it: While not the most elaborate creative execution, the use of self-deprecating humour in Jetstar’s latest spot is both bold and entertaining. Voiced over by Jetstar-bashing, 7 Days comedian Jeremy Elwood, the TVC lets viewers know that the airline was the nation’s most punctual last year while simultaneously acknowledging that many might find this fact completely unbelievable.   

Who’s it for: Telecom by Touchcast and Flying Fish 

Why we like it: Although not a TVC, this compilation featuring Guy Williams failing time and time again as he tries to unbox a Samsung Galaxy S5 under extreme circumstances reminds us why everyone in media wants a piece of the lanky comedian these days. Every time Williams is stuck by a stream of water, pelted by a paintball or punched by a much shorter man, it illustrates that there’s still room for schadenfreude in comedy—as long as you add a fair dose of awkwardness. 

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