TVCs of the Week: 14 October

Who’s it for: Orcon​ by Contagion and Finch

Why we like it: The big guys being targeted for ‘throttling’ have called this campaign a PR stunt and say they don’t do it, but it’s quite funny and it features blow darts and scalping, so we’ll forgive them for any inaccuracies. 

Who’s it for: ANZ by Whybin\TBWA and 8

Why we like it: It’s hard to go wrong with slow-motion. And this spot shows the frisson of auctions nicely. Extra points for the crazy neighbour peeking over the fence and giving the guy in the Coloursteel Roof Shout ad a run for his money. 

Who’s it for: ANZ by Whybin\TBWA and Assembly

Why we like it: Keeping up with (or ahead of) the Joneses is important, reckons ANZ. And it’s even easier when you’ve got a few months of no interest on your spur of the moment credit card purchases. More typically impressive animation from Assembly. 

Who’s it for: Lift Plus by Ogilvy & Mather

Why we like it: Ogilvy has been cranking out some pretty good work recently, so the Sealord/Heidi Montag debacle was a bit of an anomaly, and while it’s tough to compete with V in this market, it’s welcomed summer by taking viewers on a branded black and white road trip. 

Who’s it for: Semble by BRR and Film Construction

Why we like it: About time, many early adopters presumably cried when Semble launched last week. And this does a good job of showing how the tech could be used. 

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