How the Paul Henry Show stacks up against Nightline

MediaWorks is playing the Paul Henry card next year and moving him to a hybrid TV/radio/digital breakfast show that will spell the end of The Paul Henry Show, Firstline and Marcus Lush on RadioLive. MediaWorks says his late night show was a success. So you can judge for yourself with the help of Nielsen’s TAM ratings. 

In the All 5+ category, Henry took the title, with an average of 119,700 viewers up to September compared to Nightline’s 109,700. But in TV3’s target demographic of 25-54, Nightline won with an average of 58,700 compared to Henry’s 56,400. 

As for Firstline, its small audience has held relatively firm since last year, although it has dropped slightly. And its numbers pale in comparison to Breakfast’s ratings, which have increased on 2013.  

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