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Volvo Trucks and its agency Forsman & Bodenfors had the world eating out of their hands last year after Epic Splits and a few other entertaining live tests showed how easy the trucks were to drive—and how B2B didn’t necessarily have to mean boring to boring. And, to show off its new i-Shift dual clutch technology, it’s continued that trend with a complicated stunt on the Italian Riviera featuring a rather confused-looking valet who gets a big shock during his first night on the job.  

As the YouTube clip states: “First day on the job and he thought he was there to park sports cars, but director Henry-Alex Rubin [from Smuggler]had other ideas for San Remo Casino’s newest valet.” 

The team went to great lengths to trick the 23-year-old, and while they presumably wanted him to get in and drive off, the behind-the-scenes shows that he held back. And while Ambrogio Adani is a good sport, it seems unlikely that he’ll be getting he same level of attention as Jean Claude van Damme. 

Rubin also filmed the ballerina stunt a few years ago.

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