Super creepy Rob Lowe ‘watchin’ folks swim’

Parks and Recreation’s Rob Lowe has used a new pair of BBDO-created TVCs for DirecTV to illustrate that his acting skills extend beyond the remit of portraying an emotionally disconnected health fanatic. In fact, he is more than capable of playing two very different versions of himself in the same ad.

In each of the two spots, a suavely suited Lowe introduces himself, before a second, slightly more unfortunate iteration of the actor enters the screen. This contrast then serves as the premise in a campaign that dishes a bit of competitive banter across to the Cable network.  

While the suave Rob Lowe enjoys 99.9 percent signal reliability and watches his shows worry free, the super creepy version “watches folks swim” and takes a deep whiff of people’s hair. And this theme is also carried over to the second ad, which features far less attractive Rob Lowe, who suffers a slight comb-over malfunction.   

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