Tripping the light fantastic

You can do some amazing things with light these days, with the likes of Philips’ Hue and GE’s Link giving humans the ability to control their lights via apps, create a disco in their living room or respond to other data (like calendars, or through ‘if this then that). And Infiniti Middle East and TBWA/RAAD in Dubai has also done something pretty cool with lights for its Inspired Light project. 

The first project of its kind, instigated by Infiniti, combines a team of stunt drivers, artists and the QX70S Elite Sport, the icon of the range, to create an innovative, original, and truly inspired performance. Cars have been used for the first time, as the tools of a bold new art-form, light painting, to create dynamic shapes, forms, and powerful moving canvases. This intricate  and slick performance has been directed by the world’s leading Light Painter, Patrick Rochon.

Speaking of cars and lights, as part of its Amazing in Motion series, Lexus went to great lengths to create the illusion of movement by hanging a whole host of stuntmen with tailor-made LED suits around Kuala Lumpur. 

And while not quite as visually enthralling, Smart also had some light-based fun by creating an interactive green/red man. 

And Tesla showed that it doesn’t need any ads featuring fancy or quirky lights. It just needs a bit of light to actually operate. 

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