Trigger-happy headlines

Ever pressed ‘send’ on an email too early? We’ve all been there, and now so has The Daily Telegraph which accidentally published a story that Prince Philip was dead (he’s not).

The article, which was clearly pre-written, provides an easy-to-use template for the newspaper when the big news breaks. But despite its three-pronged warning urging people to ‘HOLD HOLD HOLD’, one reporter clearly got a bit trigger-happy, publishing a story about the royal’s ‘low key’ service at Windsor Castle.

Meanwhile, Prince Phillip himself seems to have other things on his mind as he continues serving out his ‘action-packed’ life. Although the 96-year recently announced that he would retire in the autumn after completing 22,219 solo engagements since 1952, with his retirement the most likely source of confusion on the part of The Daily Telegraph’s faux pas.

The newspaper announced that it ‘sincerely apologises’ for the mistake and confirmed the article was ‘rectified immediately’. 

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