Holy cow! Tim Batt serves up his best/worst puns for New Zealand Jerky

New Zealand Jerky’s new ‘Serious Meat’ campaign is no laughing matter as comedian Tim Batt’s cow jokes fall ‘udderly’ flat.

In a series of eight short clips created by American agency North, the host of The Worst Idea of All Time podcast finds himself in the middle of a field performing a stand-up routine for some seriously unimpressed cows.

“Why do cows have hooves instead of feet?” Batt questions in one video. “It’s because you lac-tose.”

In another ‘so bad it’s good’ zinger, Batts asks, “What did the mama cow say to her calf? It’s past-ure bed time.”

The remaining six clips follow the same sort of pattern, with Batt being forced to work his comedic juices until the cows come home.

Despite what the name implies, New Zealand Jerky doesn’t actually sell any of its products locally with stockists exclusively located in the American market. As it describes on its website, NZJ “saw a gap in the US market for a non-GMO, healthy, minimally processed, beef jerky made from ‘free range’, grass-fed cattle”, with the product made in New Zealand and packed in the US.

Whether American audiences will appreciate the ad’s dry sense of humour remains to be seen, but at least we know it appreciates the grass-fed beef New Zealand supplies it with. 

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