Thankyou eco products to launch in New Zealand

Australian charity product organisation Thankyou has announced plans to launch in New Zealand after successful funding met the $600,000 criteria for entrance.  

As part of the launch, Thankyou has released a seven-minute video which looks to be filmed in an impressive single shot.

It follows Thankyou co-founder Daniel Flynn as he walks through a warehouse speaking directly to the camera about Thankyou’s goals, its Chapter One book and the idea to launch in New Zealand.

Described as a social enterprise, Thankyou has its own line of products that includes water bottles, food, body care and baby care. Once a product is purchased, consumers are encouraged to download an app that tracks the project that specific product is helping to fund, using a tracking ID.

The funding page has said that select supermarkets have expressed interest in stocking their products. The $600,000 will be allocated towards final testing and certifications ($120,000) marketing ($360,000) and a ‘game-changing’ secret announcement launch ($100,000).

Thankyou company commits 100 percent of its profit to helping end global poverty, they operate using a project-based model, which means they fund individual projects that meet a criterion instead of automatically giving funds to organisations year after year.

Judging by Thankyou Australia’s retail and wholesale partners, it’s launch in New Zealand should see products be available in Australian owned supermarkets such as Countdown. Meanwhile, its website, although stocking a range of different products, is starting off solely with Thankyou Baby products introduced to New Zealand.

The baby product range includes skincare and nappies with funds going towards health services like immunisation programs, training of skilled midwives and medical supplies to mums and babies in need.

All products are trialled and made in Australia, with retail prices ranging from AU$6.50 – $10.

Thankyou’s skincare range will be entering the market with only a few direct competitors, the main one being Ecostore. Similar objects in Thankyou and Ecostore fall almost exactly at the same price when compared, with usually only a few cents separating them (exchange rates applied).

Coming into a market that has been dominated by one player with a similar price point may have been a bold move by the progressive social enterprise. Yet the tracking id app may be enough to put them ahead as they target other socially minded consumers who like to know more about the projects they’re funding.

Although Ecostore has many achievements in the sustainability realm, they are not as vocal about the charity initiatives they’re involved with.

Thankyou is still funding its launch, or more specifically, its top-secret launch project.

Ecostore has been contacted for comment. 

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