FCB and HPA take drinking moderately to another dimension

FCB New Zealand’s new integrated campaign for The New Zealand Health Promotion Agency targets young adults to drink in moderation to remember their night out.

The campaign gives a surreal, yet oh-so-real take on a young man who drinks one too many beers, losing his memory of his night out. 

The video plays on the common philosophy that young adults drink excessively because they think it leads to an epic night out.

It’s in this moment that the ‘Department of Lost Nights’ step in. A couple of overall-clad removal men ask the inebriated young man to step out of his head for a moment before escorting him into an inter-dimensional realm; a hazy dystopic waiting room. Here a lady possesses his brain and eradicates his favourite memories of the night. One by one, his night is wheeled away on hand trolleys.

Tony Clewett, executive creative director at FCB New Zealand, says its audience is a smart and savvy bunch.

“They see through marketing in a flash, so you can’t be dull or, even worse, finger-waggy. The upside of that challenge is that creativity really comes to the fore. Hence the birth of this twisted, surreal, crazy, WTF world, that is the Department of Lost Nights.”

In an abstract turn of events, it leaves its audience pondering, what is the point of an epic night out, if you’re too drunk to remember it? 

It’s not the first time that HPA has tackled the line between fun and not so fun, with previous ads presenting the detrimental effects of gambling. 


Client: New Zealand Health Promotion Agency (HPA)
Agency: FCB New Zealand
Production Company: Scoundrel
Director: Daniel Warwick 
Photography: Garth Badger

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