The temple of advertising

Following on John Oliver’s founding of Our Lady of Perpetual Exemption, Adam&EveDDB has now also launched its own religious organisation, dedicated entirely to worshipping the advertising of the agency. According to a video clip, the initiative comes in response to Danes moving away from religion and offers them an alternative deity to worship.  

The only problem is that the organisation requires at least 150 members in order to be registered as an official religion. So, much like a conventional religious group, the creative team behind the campaign took to the streets to recruit members. And membership isn’t restricted to Denmark, with people from across the world being invited to join the cause through a website

The site even includes an elaborate doctrine: 

We believe:
That you should live your life in a way, that if it was a movie, you would like to watch it
That you can be friends with with everybody – no matter race, religion or species
That you should do whatever makes you happy. Even if it means dressing up as a man-cheerleader
That spending your christmas money on yourself is totally acceptable
That people should comfort each other, especially if they feel neglected
That you need to be honest about the things you want
That material things shouldn’t control your life

While this campaign will undoubtedly surpass the target of 150 members, it’s unlikely to prove as effective as Jedi census phenomenon, which has seen Jedi appear on the list of registered religions on census forms across the world.     

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