Sweet dreams are made of these

Fans of the ’80s cult classic The Neverending Story know that you should never mess with a boy riding a white dragon that looks like a dog. And they also know that the main character Bastian had to use his dreams and imagination to save Fantasia. Swedish NGO Reach for Change is riffing on that idea by creating a website that showcases the dreams—and sleeping patterns—of people from around the world. 

As it says on the site: “This site is inspired by the dreamers that change the world for the better. During one week, their dreams fueled the site with stories of change. We believe that when a dream comes true, it sets a never-ending chain of change in motion.” 

The participants wore wear Beddit sleep trackers that recorded their sleep data. And while watching someone sleep is generally viewed as creepy, visitors can do that in an acceptable fashion by checking out their vital signs—and how they plan to change the world for the better for children and communities. And by doing this it hopes it will inspire more social entrepreneurs to get stuck into big grunty issues like climate change, refugee crises and 

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