Stirling Sports and the smoking South African gun

Here’s one for the quite funny but presumably completely unintentional stuff-ups category. As you can see, the image is intended to promote the sale of supporter gear for the FIFA World Cup at Stirling Sports. But the logo they’ve chosen to use on their homepage had been modified slightly, most notably with the addition of a large gun. Ah yes, it’s the kind of woopsie the internet was invented for.

It seems as though someone from Stirling Sports or its website team has decided to use an image without really looking at what that image was. Interestingly, and an unfortunate association for Stirling Sports (perhaps even worse than the All Whites in South Africa), the same image features on why-we-are-whiterefugees.blogspot.com. And, slightly less interestingly, also on artmatters.com, where it has seemingly been placed randomly in a story about South Africa’s chances at the World Cup.

It’s certainly not hard to find the official World Cup logo online, so perhaps it’s an act of defiance; an online protest. If so, it’s certainly not in the same league as this famous Coca-Cola poster that somehow managed to hide a picture of an act of felatio in the ice cubes – with hilarious consequences!

The image has been removed from the Stirling Sports home page. But it can still be found.

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