Spot the difference

Ikea Austria has released a series of creative print ads to promote its wireless charging ports, a feature integrated into select pieces of furniture.

The spots feature three ‘products’ where their descriptions don’t seem to match their functions.

For example, in one of the ads, under an image of a broom is text reading ‘toothbrush’, under a spray paint can it reads ‘deodorant’ and then under a lamp it reads ‘charger’.

At the bottom of the ads, a tagline reads ‘One thing is for real’ – you guessed it, the furniture-charger hybrids.

It’s a very simple, yet effective way to promote the new wireless charging feature, and it’s a handy feature at that. Most of us find our Android and iPhone batteries aren’t particularly long lasting, with the amount we spend browsing apps on our phones, so no don’t consumers will be jumping on the latest in furniture tech. 

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