Richards Partners and Motion Sickness Studio try to get young Aucklanders to heap creative Snapchat shame on smokers

A new public health campaign called Snapped Out NZ is asking young people to creatively and anonymously condemn those who smoke by sending images through Snapchat. 

Snapchat seems to be growing in popularity for brands in New Zealand hoping to get in touch with a younger audience, with the likes of Spark, Vodafone, ASB and NZTA embracing the social network. And Richards Partners creative director Clem Devine says the idea of using Snapchat to connect with young people in a fun way came as a result of exhaustive research with Counties Manukau health’s dedicated anti-smoking team.

“We’ve been doing some work with Counties Manukau health over the last nine months. We did a bunch of strategy up front identifying the personas that we could target. Over 50 percent of Maori and Pacific Island people smoke. We decided the first target we would look at is young kids aged 15-25.”

Devine says the campaign is about “creating a conversation around smoking”. It also encourages people to snap out their mates—and anyone else they see smoking—and create Snapchat artwork with an anti-smoking message. They will be used for an exhibition at the Mangere Arts Centre.


Smoking. Its not gonna give you what you’re looking for ?Not our future! ?

Posted by Snapped Out NZ on Saturday, November 14, 2015

Smoking Kills

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Break Free

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Posted by Snapped Out NZ on Monday, October 26, 2015

This is the first Snapchat campaign Richards Partners have been involved in so the team brought in Motion Sickness Studio to assist. 

“We like to partner up with people who know a bit more about some of these things than we do.”

Devine says the target is to reach 500 unique snaps to snappedoutnz and so far 350 have been shared.

Devine says it is important to have the right hooks for any social media campaign to be successful.

“It has to have authenticity and it has to have an element of them being able to participate in it.”

Another important aspect in encouraging youngsters to dob in smokers is to offer incentives, so it’s giving away Spotify subs, Prezzy cards and, to the overall winner, two VIP tickets to Auckland City Limits.

Another hook for social media campaigns is involving “influencers” so the team brought in Nickson Clark from the Mai FM Morning Crew to discuss his family’s past difficulties with smoking.

Nickson Clark on Snapped Out

Cheers to Nickson from the Mai Morning Crew for taking the time to talk to us about Snapped Out! We’ve got 6 months of Spotify Premium up for grabs! Watch the vid, then comment below what you saw on Nickson’s shoulder and you’re in to win!

Posted by Snapped Out NZ on Wednesday, November 18, 2015

A social media campaign that explicitly asks users to apply soft peer pressure upon smokers has the potential to turn into a medium for bullying, but Devine says a rigorous moderating process helps to overcome this problem.

“Motion Sickness acts as a filter. They vet it all before it goes on Facebook or on the Snapchat story. Got to be quite careful that it doesn’t get used in ways that you don’t intend it to. Some of the snaps that we’ve got through we can’t use because people’s faces are not obscured but generally people have picked up what the campaign is all about.”

Future campaigns will target smokers from older generations.

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