Slingshot website uses pink, wins award, ups conversions astronomically

With a near perfect score of 488 out of 500 points, Slingshot has won Best in Class in the telecommunications category at the global Interactive Media Awards.

The Internet service provider relaunched its website earlier this year with the help of digital agency Gladeye and fearless use of the colour pink.

The new site is clean, as simple as a telco can realistically be, and a real demonstration of the importance of a good website for customer acquisition.

Since launch the website has increased online conversions by an extraordinary 250 percent and reduced cost of acquisition by 70 percent, Slingshot general manager Taryn Hamilton says.

“We wanted to make the site the best and easiest to use in class, and it’s great to get recognition for what we think is the slickest broadband sign-up process around,” he says.

The judges of the Interactive Media Awards commended Slingshot’s content and feature functionality, giving the company perfect scores in these areas.

“In order to win this award level, [Slingshot’s website] had to successfully pass through our comprehensive judging process, achieving very high marks in each of our judging criteria – an achievement only a fraction of sites in the IMA competition earn each year,” they said.

Slingshot came ahead of 60 other applicants in the telco category.

Hamilton says this is just the beginning of a Slingshot “brand evolution”.

“We have a clear mandate at Slingshot, and that is to focus on making customers happy through great service, great prices and easy processes. This is just the first step in a brand evolution to make Slingshot the country’s leading broadband provider,” he says.

According to Wikipedia, Slingshot is the third largest telco in the country with approximately 10 percent of the New Zealand home line and broadband market.

Gladeye worked hard to reduce the pain points that cause people to ditch an online sign up, the agency’s managing director Tarver Graham says.

Graham says Gladeye worked day-to-day with Slingshot to create the best possible site.

“They put a great challenge to us, asking: ‘In a perfect world what would you do in the backend [of the website]’, and we put to them what we wanted.”

One of the biggest improvements on the site so far has been to simplify the mass of content you normally find on a telco site, he says.

“We looked to deliver a lot more clarity. Rather than having a page with a lot of questions, we spaced it out.

“In a lot of cases we asked Slingshot, ‘Do you actually need this?’. Where we did need a piece of information from a customer we tried to make it clear why we needed it, especially when some of the questions in forms can be quite personal.”

About the liberal use of pink, Graham gives the nod to Slingshot’s creative agency Mr Smith.

“That actually came from Slingshot’s new brand design by Mr Smith. It was a daring choice I must admit – a really modern colour palette and it helped us to position the whole user experience as a really modern one.”

Graham says he’s extremely pleased with the results the site has achieved so far, but he’s most excited about their ongoing work.

“Although we launched the website and got great results we’re continuing to test different landing pages, forms, different messaging to continue to optimise the website.”

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